20mm bullets shoot through the Swiss mountains

For aircraft enthusiasts, there are few opportunities to see an aircraft cannon in action. The flight demonstration on the Axalp is certainly the easiest opportunity for this and is therefore visited by thousands of people every year. However, a certain level of fitness is required for the ascent. This can be done with varying degreesContinue reading “20mm bullets shoot through the Swiss mountains”

Show of Forces in eastern Europe

Although NATO Days have been held in Ostrava since 2001, February 2022 marks a turning point. The largest security show in Europe is deliberately held in Eastern Europe. Since the invasion of Ukraine, NATO troops have been patrolling the eastern flank of the alliance area around the clock. The airport Leoš Janáček served already asContinue reading “Show of Forces in eastern Europe”

Sanicole Airshow with some NATO Tigers support

After the Corona Year 2020, all aviation enthusiasts were looking forward to the first normal airshows with spectators. However, the number of participants at the 42nd Sanicole International Airshow is still limited to 7,500. In addition, proof of vaccination and or testing must be presented upon entry. The Sunset Airshow on Friday kicked things off.Continue reading “Sanicole Airshow with some NATO Tigers support”

Italian Tornado deployment to Büchel

The Italian Air Force deployed 6 Panavia Tornado aircraft to Büchel Air Base July 12-23. The crews were able to train electronic warfare at the POLYGONE Range southwest of Kaiserslautern.  The Multinational Aircrew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility Polygone – POLYGONE is a trinatioanal training area used by France, Germany and the USA. These 6 aircraftContinue reading “Italian Tornado deployment to Büchel”

Cancelled F-16 flyout Leeuwarden 1st of July

Actually, on July 1, the last remaining F-16s of 322 Squadron were to withdraw their F-16s from Leeuwarden Air Base and fly to Volkel. Only the aircraft needed for the currently running Weapon Instructor Course (WIC) were to remain at the base. A final formation flyover of the base and Soesterberg airfield was planned beforeContinue reading “Cancelled F-16 flyout Leeuwarden 1st of July”

Mirage 5 BD 09 Restoration Group Brustem

Since February 2018, a group of volunteers brought back one of the Belgian Mirage 5 to its old glory. Mirage 5BD 09 was stored on former Brustem Air Base. We visited this iconic delta wing on October 27th 2019 for an exclusive night shooting with some other aviation enthusiasts. In the meantime, it moved toContinue reading “Mirage 5 BD 09 Restoration Group Brustem”

60 Years Tactical Fighter Wing 74

Normally, Tactical Fighter Wing 74 in Neuburg an der Donau celebrates its milestone birthdays with a big open day. So it was planned this year in connection with “Tag der Bundeswehr”. But unfortunately, the still ongoing pandemic has its influence and so there was only a digital edition of “Tag der Bundeswehr”. The squadron celebratedContinue reading “60 Years Tactical Fighter Wing 74”

Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode

Aproximately in the middle of Leipzig and Hannover, the best private aviation museum in Germany is located: the Luftahrtmuseum Wernigerode. Some people call it (Flugwerft) “Oberschleißheim of the east”, because of the selection of rare and well-preserved exhibits . In 2012 we were already impressed with this collection: A Swiss Mirage IIIRS and Venom, BritishContinue reading “Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode”