20mm bullets shoot through the Swiss mountains

For aircraft enthusiasts, there are few opportunities to see an aircraft cannon in action. The flight demonstration on the Axalp is certainly the easiest opportunity for this and is therefore visited by thousands of people every year. However, a certain level of fitness is required for the ascent. This can be done with varying degreesContinue reading “20mm bullets shoot through the Swiss mountains”

Italian Tornado deployment to Büchel

The Italian Air Force deployed 6 Panavia Tornado aircraft to Büchel Air Base July 12-23. The crews were able to train electronic warfare at the POLYGONE Range southwest of Kaiserslautern.  The Multinational Aircrew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility Polygone – POLYGONE is a trinatioanal training area used by France, Germany and the USA. These 6 aircraftContinue reading “Italian Tornado deployment to Büchel”

First Mini Tiger Meet of the Bavarian Tigers

There has never been a NATO Tiger Meet at the airbase in Neuburg an der Donau until 2019. The new members of the NATO Tiger Association, the Bavarian Tigers, changed this recently and are very committed in their new role. With pride they show their tiger spirit, which they took over from the 1st SquadronContinue reading “First Mini Tiger Meet of the Bavarian Tigers”